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Septic Tank Regulations QLD

On site wastewater management system guide

If you wish to manage your home's wastewater through an on site septic system in Queensland, there are a number of regulations that must be followed to ensure public health and safety. Now, you might be wondering; what regulations must be considered for when installing a septic tank? This article will provide you with the information you need regarding septic tanks in Queensland.

Required approval and government legislation regarding septic tanks

According to the Queensland Plumbing and Wastewater Code guidelines, when installing a septic tank , homeowners must consider these requirements:

  • To take reasonable and practical measures to prevent/reduce environmental impact (Environment Protection Act 1994).
  • Local governments must consider the cumulative impacts of on-site land application of effluent on the environment when assessing and approving development applications (Environmental Protection (Water) Policy 1997).

It is also illegal to dispose of or release waste from a septic system into a roadside gutter, stormwater drain, water course or an area where the waste could be moved from rain.

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Design regulations of an on-site septic tank in QLD

When designing a septic tank, ensure that:

  • It is capable of treating the expected hydraulic and organic loadings from a premise disposing of sewage.
  • In accordance with the manufacturer's instructions for operation, the treatment process will produce effluent that meets the necessary criteria for wastewater.
  • All components of the on-site system are easily accessible for qualified personnel to complete inspections, repairs or maintenance .
  • The tank is installed either freestanding, partially in the ground or completely buried.
  • The tank is not subject to external or internal loads, weather conditions and/or ground movement, as these factors can cause sewer leakages.
  • To prevent water from entering the tank from above, the neighbouring ground must be sloping away from the tank.

These requirements have been sourced from the Queensland Plumbing and Wastewater Code Guidelines.

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