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Express Wastewater Solutions offer completely customised septic system and wastewater services for properties throughout the Scenic Rim region of Queensland. Our experienced team provide septic system and septic tank installation, repairs and servicing for a range of applications, large and small. Whilst other plumbers may work with several septic systems a year, that's all we do, we are installing and repairing a range of septic tanks every week. Our wastewater specialists can help you decide on the best septic tank system for your specific needs.

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We offer a huge range of septic tank and system services to cater for all your home wastewater management requirements. These include:

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Common septic system issues

An important part of a septic tank, and one of the common causes of future issues, is the septic or absorption trench. When you refer to septic trenches, most plumbers still think of the old slotted 90mm pipe and that is what you will most likely be quoted on when you ask for a septic tank installation. In some situations, these trenches work fine and will have a good long lifespan, however, in our experience, if they are not installed in the correct situation they can be a nightmare, plagued with issues. The original cost outlay that you may have saved on installation by using this old style of pipe can end up costing you significantly more when you have to dig up and replace the trenches due to failure or ongoing issues.

The main problems with this style of slotted pipe for septic trenches are:

  1. Roots As you can imagine the effluent that travels through this slotted pipe is a great nutrient-rich source of food for trees and plants in the area. The slots in the pipe allow easy access for tree and plant roots which can quickly take hold as there is nothing keeping them out of the pipe. Because of the slots even if you get a drain cleaner in to clear the drains they will just come straight back.
  2. Crushing slotted 90mm pipe has a very thin wall which means it can be crushed easily, obstructing the flow of effluent.
  3. Dirt once again because of the small diameter and the slots in the pipe if dirt falls into the pipe it can fill the pipe and block it up. Once this process starts it is very hard to stop.
  4. A build-up of septic waste the calcification that occurs in a septic tank can also block up this style of septic pipe as can build up over time in the pipe and harden.

Unless stated otherwise on your septic system plan, or there is another preference indicated by the customer, we will always install 450mm jumbo trench pipe to help avoid all of the issues associated with the old-style smaller slotted pipe. As we carry out septic tank system installations every day we can offer this more long-lasting, top-quality pipe often at a more cost-effective price than our competitors, even when they use the cheaper alternative.

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