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Septic tank & absorption trench installation cost guide

A septic tank with absorption trenches is a tried and tested wastewater treatment process that is effective for a wide range of home sewage treatment applications. The septic system (tank and trenches) option is generally the cheapest and most hassle-free, long-term choice to dispose of effluent on residential properties especially those which are gravity-based systems.

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Septic tank installation costs

The costs involved in the installation of a septic system which includes a septic tank and the set up of the absorption trench area

Approximate septic system installation cost - $7000 - $15,000 (Indicative)

Septic tank system running cost estimate

Running costs for a gravity-fed septic system

Around $200 - $400 every 5-10 years

Running costs for a septic tank system that uses a pump

Around $760 - $1,520 every 5-10 years

Breakdown of a septic tank running costs

Routine septic tank pump-out

The septic tank will need to be pumped out every 5 to 10 years to remove the sludge buildup. The required frequency of the septic tank pump out will depend on usage and the size of the septic tank.

This works out to around $200 - $400 over 10 years or approx $40 per year.

Septic system power expenses

An electricity supply is required to run septic systems that require a pump to move the effluent (non-gravity-fed units). We estimate this cost to be around $30 - $40 per year (guide only - this cost will vary depending on usage).

Pump replacement costs

Most pumps will last an average of 5 years with an estimated cost of $600 for a replacement pump and its installation. The costs involved in pump replacement will depend on the type and size of the pump used averaging around $120 per year.

Septic system function

The septic tank system works by breaking wastewater down in the septic tank into a liquid form which is then fed to a series of absorption trenches where it soaks into the ground. This can be achieved using gravity or pumped to the trenches if required.

Advantage of the septic tank & trench option

A septic system offers an option to property owners that will save money on servicing and running costs (approx $320 per year, power $300 per year) as well as the expenses and inconvenience of breakdowns. With total savings estimated at around $1000 per year.

Limitations of septic systems

The septic tank and trench system rely on your property having permeable soil, correct distances from natural water tables, creeks, dams, bores etc. as well as the depth of soil over an impermeable barrier. If these requirements are not met or possible on the property another wastewater treatment solution will be needed.

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