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You can’t go wrong with an Everhard septic tank

In unsewered areas, it is essential that the treatment and disposal of wastewater occurs on your property. For a long time, septic systems have been effective in performing exactly that task in an environmentally-friendly manner. When it comes to all components of wastewater systems, Everhard offers terrific cost-effective, environmentally-safe solutions.

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Everhard septic tanks: the benefits

Experienced in their craft and long-running industry leaders in the manufacturing of septic tanks, the numerous benefits of these products come as no surprise.

To summarise, the main perks are:

  • Cutting-edge, environmentally-friendly designs
  • High level of durability; Everhard products are designed with long-lasting effectiveness in mind
  • Adherence to industry standards & requirements set by regulatory bodies
  • Manufacturer guarantees
  • Ease of installation when using a qualified wastewater specialist

Polymer septic tanks by Everhard

Everhard has more than 20 years of experience in the manufacturing and distribution of polymer septic tanks. One of Everhard’s two main septic tank types, they’re constructed from top-grade virgin polypropylene.

The polypropylene material renders the septic tanks resistant to the negative effects of moisture and corrosion. Everhard’s polymer tanks are completely recyclable and are capable of lasting over a span of multiple decades.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, the polymer holds added protection against harmful ultraviolet lights; further adding to its durability.

Light in weight, Everhard’s polymer septic tanks offer excellent advantages in terms of transportation, and ease of handling. Considering their manoeuvrability, installation of these tanks can be readily performed by a licensed drainage professional.

These polymer tanks fully meet the AS/NZS 1546.1-2008 requirements for on-site domestic wastewater treatments. And coming with a 15-year manufacturer’s guarantee, you can rest assured that your tank is built to last.

Polymer Septic Tank

Everhard concrete septic tanks

As well as polymer, Everhard has a steel-reinforced, pre-cast septic tank design as an alternative to plastic models. Produced in rigid moulds, the concrete septic tanks are excellent in quality, and offer dimension stability.

These septic tanks are manufactured in strict accordance with Australian industry standards, including the Standards Mark symbol for reliability, quality assurance and safety.

Certain local and state authorities require that tanks have internal partition dividing. Many of Everhard’s tanks are available with this. Also, approved injection-moulded polymer inlet and outlet baffles are fitted in tanks, with polymer access and sealed collar inspection covers being standard features.

Everhard’s pre-cast concrete tanks are designed specifically for domestic wastewater treatment, so the attention paid to industry-standard requirements is of the highest level.

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