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Top-quality septic tanks from Taylex

Taylex is an industry leader in the manufacturing of precast concrete and plastic tanks. A company with experience in wastewater treatment systems dating back to 1969, you can rely on Taylex to provide you with a quality septic system for your premises.

On properties located in unsewered areas, it’s commonplace to have an installed home sewage treatment plant. These modern devices treat all the wastewater generated from households in an environmentally sustainable way by utilising naturally occurring bacteria in the breakdown process.

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The benefits of a Taylex septic tank

Taylex septic systems are borne of significant industry experience and global research. Some of the advantages of their tanks are:

  • Being one of the oldest, and largest manufacturers of home sewage treatment plants in Australia, they are experts in the field of domestic wastewater treatment. You can rest assured that by opting for a Taylex tank, quality is the least of your worries.
  • Taylex tanks are designed to last; with vast industry knowledge comes an understanding of how to construct reliable products. With Taylex, simultaneous performance and durability are standard features.
  • All Taylex tanks are sold with a warranty. As a company with an excellent reputation, Taylex is determined to know of, and subsequently, fix any problems that may arise.
  • Taylex builds high-quality products and distributes them at a fair market price. Superb value for money is assured.
  • With such a strong foothold in the industry comes the responsibility to continue manufacturing products of exceptional quality. This is why Taylex is committed to researching and bringing cutting-edge industry technologies to their products.

Find out more about Taylex septic tanks here - taylex.com.au/septic-systems

What types of septic tanks do Taylex manufacture?

Standard Taylex septic tanks come in a range of sizes, from 4,000 to 22,000 litres. Baffle walls are included in the construction along with a Taylex filter.

Available in pre-cast concrete and plastic material, these tanks are developed with the highest levels of performance in mind, with longevity guaranteed.

Taylex’s engineer-designed concrete vessels are covered by a 15-year warranty.

The Taylex Maxi Tank

Referred to by Taylex as a ‘giant version of a modern septic tank’, the Maxi Tank is highly versatile; along with its function as a septic tank, it’s able to be used as part of pump stations.

The Maxi Tank is available in two sizes:

  1. has a working capacity of 7,100 litres, with a tank capacity of 8,100 litres.
  2. has a working capacity of 18,000 litres, with a tank capacity of 22,000 litres.

What are the benefits of the Maxi Tank?

The Maxi Tanks' large size enables them to hold effluent (wastewater) for a longer-than-normal period of time. Effluent that has been held for a long time is generally cleaner.

And the cleaner the water, the better the environmental result. Along with this, this optimal treatment of effluent enables a healthy overall septic system, which in the long run is financially beneficial for you.

Maxi tanks are large, strong, reliable, and environmentally friendly. Find out more about Taylex Maxi Tanks here - taylex.com.au/maxitank

Maxi Tank Taylex
Taylex Maxi Tank

What comprises a Taylex Maxi Tank:

A five-chamber construction made from a single piece of concrete, Taylex Maxi Tanks consist of:

  • A high-water float
  • Septic system-specific filtration
  • On request, a submersible pump
  • A high water-level flashing alarm

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