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Septic Treatment Systems

Express Wastewater Solutions offers tailored septic systems for homes throughout southeast Queensland. Our experienced septic plumbers work with all styles of septic systems from traditional septic systems to trench-style systems.

Whether you’re building a house on a rural property, upgrading an existing septic system or need advice on the best wastewater treatment solution for your home contact Express Wastewater today.

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What is a Septic System?

Septic treatment systems are a proven method for wastewater treatment. Water from your home flows through pipes into an underground septic tank. This is the most common element of a septic treatment system and it serves as the primary container to store wastewater before it moves on to the absorption trench or leach drain.

Conventional septic systems are cost-effective in the long run, since they require minimal maintenance and have a long lifespan when properly maintained and septic tank components are also extremely durable and do not require any energy to operate, which reduces operating costs.

Septic System Installation

Septic systems are an effective and easy way to dispose of wastewater from households. At Express Wastewater Solutions, we supply and install septic systems, and offer comprehensive septic services that includes all the specialised equipment and techniques necessary to ensure that your system is installed properly.

Our experienced and qualified septic system installers have the know-how to ensure that your system is properly installed and maintained, and always adhere to the strictest safety regulations. Every septic system needs to be custom-designed by our specialists to fit your unique property design, your household wastewater output and the local council specifications.

We look after everything from the site inspection and soil testing, system design, and council applications, to site excavation, installation and testing. Our team provide full project management ensuring the septic system installation runs seamlessly so, with Express Wastewater Solutions as your installers, you can be sure your septic system will be in safe hands!

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Septic System Repairs

Septic system repairs are an important part of any property's septic system. Maintaining a healthy and functioning septic tank, septic pipes and absorption trench system are essential to ensure that wastewater is disposed of in an effective and safe manner. With years of experience and a commitment to finding cost-effective and environmentally responsible solutions, we're here to ensure your septic system runs smoothly and efficiently.

When it comes to any required repairs, it is always important to call in professionals. Express Wastewater Solutions can help; we have experienced septic engineers who specialise in repairing all aspects of septic systems. Not only can we ensure that your system is running efficiently, but we can also advise on any potential preventative measures to minimise the chances of future problems.

Typically, whenever there is a problem with a septic system the first option is to replace the entire system. Now, whilst this is sometimes the only option available it isn't always 100% necessary. An Express Wastewater Solutions expert will always exhaust every possible repair option first before upgrading the entire system.

Septic System Maintenance

To ensure that your septic system is up to standard and operating efficiently, regular maintenance and cleaning is necessary. Septic system maintenance consists of scheduled pumping out of the septic tank, regular inspections and repairs.

Pumping out your septic tank is essential for its reliable operation. Failure to do so at a regular enough frequency can lead to a range of problems. Pumping out the tank should take place every 3 to 5 years on average, however this depends on the size of the tank and the amount of wastewater produced by the household. Read more here: How Often Should You Pump Out a Septic Tank?

Regular septic system inspections are also advised as this will identify any problems with the system and enable us to rectify any issues swiftly.

As a property owner with a septic system, you are responsible for maintaining the on-site waste management operation to protect the surrounding waterways and adhere to local council requirements. You are responsible for:

  • Maintaining a leak free septic tank and sewer drainage system
  • Attending to repairs in the system or drains as they are required
  • Carrying out maintenance and system checks regularly
  • Ensuring the tank is pumped out when needed
  • Protecting and maintaining the absorption field
  • Adhering to your local council’s septic system installation, maintenance & operation guidelines

Septic System Brands

Septic Absorption Trench / Leach Drains

Absorption trenches (also known as leach drains) are perfect for draining wastewater from a home or building, and are becoming increasingly popular amongst property owners. At Express Wastewater Solutions, we understand the importance of installing an absorption trench that works for the long term, which is why we employ expertly trained technicians to install, repair and replace any failed septic absorption trenches.

Absorption trenches are easy to maintain when they’re new, however, over time, they are prone to failure, developing cracks or blockages and they may need to be replaced or repaired altogether. With our experienced and reliable septic systems team, get in touch with us at Express Wastewater Solutions to discuss the installation, repair or replacement of an absorption trench

Signs Your Septic System Needs Expert Help

  • It smells bad - often like rotten egg gas
  • There is an increase in grass or vegetation growth over the absorption field, in drainage areas nearby or in waterways adjacent to the property.
  • Damp or soggy areas or puddles appear around the tank or in downhill areas
  • Sinks are slow to drain or toilets backup
  • It has been more than 3 to 5 years since the septic tank has been pumped out
  • It has been more than 12 months since your last septic system check.

If any of the above signs apply to your home septic system contact Express Wastewater to schedule a septic inspection today. It is essential that you act on any of these warning signs without delay to protect the local environment and prevent system failure.

For more information on maintaining your septic system take a look at our information section - How to maintain a healthy septic system?

Broken, leaking, and flooding from a septic system is one of the single most horrible problems for a home or business. This can happen for a wide variety of reasons, such as poor installation, incorrect pipe sizing, and even ground movement. To ensure that your septic system stays in top (sealed) shape contact our specialist wastewater team to come out today.

Local Septic Systems Brisbane & Surrounding Areas

Express Wastewater Solutions is a local family owned and run plumbing company that specialises in complete wastewater solutions Brisbane, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay, Logan, Redland, Scenic Rim and Gold Coast regions.

Our aim is to get your wastewater issue solved in the best possible, most efficient and most effective way with the least amount of stress to you. For all your septic system needs in South East Queensland contact our team today at 1300 722 517 or complete the quick online septic system enquiry form above.

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