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Are you Contemplating Installing a Septic System on your Property?

When it comes to septic systems, there are numerous factors to consider including the dimensions of the tank that will suit your needs and the installation location. To help you with your decision-making the professional team at Express Wastewater has the expertise and practical know-how to offer advice on the most suitable and cost-effective septic tank solution.

We evaluate the size and layout of your property and take into consideration your household's needs to determine the ideal design and size for your septic tank. Our technician will provide detailed information about the tank's cost and the required work, ensuring you have a complete understanding of the entire process.

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Why Opt for a Concrete Septic Tank?

Concrete stands as one of the most common types of septic systems used in residential and commercial properties.  They are renowned for their durability, long life span and efficient wastewater treatment capabilities. Express Wastewater supply and install industry-leading concrete septic tanks by Everhard and Taylex which both offer cost-effective and environmentally safe concrete septic tanks to suit most properties.

Everhard septic tanks are manufactured strictly with Australian industry standards, including the Standards Mark Symbol for reliability, quality assurance and safety.

Taylex is an Australian family-owned company founded in 1969, their quality engineer-designed pre-cast concrete septic tanks are covered by a 15-year warranty.

Key considerations when installing a concrete septic tank

Before having a septic tank installed, it's advisable to consult with local authorities or septic system experts to ensure adherence to current regulations. Additionally, routine inspections and maintenance after installation will ensure your septic tanks' long-term functionality and efficiency. Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of concrete septic tanks


  • Durability - Long lasting and fire resistant. 
  • Cost-effective - low maintenance requirements
  • Non-Biodegradable - Concrete does not degrade or deteriorate due to the contents of the tank
  • Insulation - Concrete has inherent insulation properties to help maintain consistent internal temperatures within the tank.
  • Resistance to ground movement - Concrete tanks are heavy and do not get affected by the soil conditions or vehicles driving over the land.
  • Environmental impact - Concrete is an environmentally friendly material as it does not leach chemicals or toxins into the surrounding soil or groundwater.
  • Customisation - Can be manufactured in various shapes and sizes to fit specific site and capacity needs.


  • Initial cost- Concrete tanks are often more expensive than plastic tanks.
  • Weight and transportation - They require heavy machineries like cranes or trucks for installation so the site needs to have clear access.
  • Cracking or leaking -. Despite being durable, concrete can develop cracks over time due to shifting soil. These cracks may lead to leaks
  • Cost of repair - Repairs to concrete tanks can be expensive, especially if a significant crack or structure issue develops.
  • Longevity Concerns- In some environments with aggressive soil conditions or high groundwater tables concrete tanks may deteriorate faster than expected.

Concrete Septic Tank Installation

By installing a high-quality concrete septic tank system in your home you can be confident of the proper disposal of waste material, safeguarding your household and the environment. Our team of septic tank installers will ensure your installation is seamless from start to finish while adhering to all necessary standards.

Concrete Septic Tank Repairs

If you are experiencing issues with your septic tank, problems with the tank risers or need a lid replacement the team at Express Wastewater is just a phone call away. With our years of experience in the business, we can assess the problem and offer the most suitable and cost-effective repair solution. We will have your septic system functioning optimally with a minimum of fuss.

Concrete Septic Tank Service and Maintenance

While regular maintenance and servicing are crucial for a healthy system it might not resolve all issues. Sometimes repairs or replacements of absorption trenches may be necessary to ensure your system operates smoothly.  At Express Wastewater Solutions, we understand how important it is to maintain the efficiency of your septic tank system.

Our servicing includes performing sludge test inspections to assess the level of sludge accumulated and whether a pump out is required. With preventative maintenance, and regular septic tank servicing your septic tank will function effortlessly and you will help prevent damaging and costly problems from occurring.

Local Sewage and Wastewater Solutions and Septic Tank Specialists

Express Wastewater Solutions supply and install Taylex and Everhard concrete and polymer septic tank systems across South East Queensland. For a free 30-minute consultation contact our friendly team on 1300 722 517 or complete our septic tank system enquiry form.



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