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Need help with choosing a septic tank?

Express Wastewater fully understands the crucial role septic tanks play in areas where municipal sewage systems are not available. Septic tanks collect, treat and dispose of sewage from residential or commercial buildings and are an essential part of wastewater treatment. With the wide range of available designs on the market, determining the most fitting one for your requirements is best achieved by consulting with a wastewater management expert.

Essentially you need to choose a tank that is the correct capacity for your home. The next consideration is to install a tank that will provide years of reliable service for you and your household. Typically a precast concrete septic tank will fulfil these requirements.

Express Wastewaters' proficient team has the knowledge, hands-on experience and experience to provide guidance on the most appropriate and economical septic tank option. They will consider the size of your property to evaluate the ideal design, tank size and cost-effective septic tank to effectively meet your needs.

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Septic Tank Brands and Designs

The choice of septic tank design depends on various factors, including the property soil type, site conditions, local regulations, household size and budget allocation. Take the guesswork out and speak to one of our qualified septic system designers to help you select the most appropriate tank. A septic tank must be designed with acid-resistant inlet and outlet baffles or tees, inspection pipes must be at least 6 inches in diameter and over both the inlet and outlet and an access manhole at least 12 inches in diameter.

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Everhard Septic Tanks

Everhard is highly experienced in their craft and are long-running industry leaders in the manufacturing of septic tanks. The numerous benefits of their products come as no surprise. Regardless of the design you choose, you will not be disappointed in the product's quality and efficiency. 

  • Polymer Septic Tanks

The polypropylene material renders the septic tanks resistant to the negative effects of moisture and corrosion. Everhard polymer tanks are completely recyclable and are capable of lasting over a span of multiple decades. The benefits of polymer septic tanks include added protection against harmful ultraviolet lights, superior durability, lightweight, and easy to transport and handle. Polymer tanks fully meet the AS/NZS 1546.1-2008 requirements for on-site domestic wastewater treatments, and with their 15-year manufacturer’s guarantee, you can be confident your tank is built to last.

  • Concrete Septic Tanks

As well as polymer, Everhard has a steel-reinforced, precast septic tank design as an alternative to plastic models. Produced in rigid moulds, the concrete septic tanks are excellent in quality and offer dimension stability. Precast concrete tanks are designed specifically for domestic wastewater treatment, so the attention paid to industry-standard requirements is of the highest level.

Everhard tanks are available with an internal partition dividing should that be a requirement from local or state authorities

  • Aqua Nova Design

Everhard has years of experience and is the leader in manufacturing exceptional-quality septic tanks

At Express Wastewater we specialise in the installation and services for Everhard Aqua Nova which is considered a mini council treatment plant in your own backyard and does not need access to the main sewer line. Aqua Nova (AQ) is an aerated wastewater treatment system designed to treat effluent and wastewater from bathrooms, kitchens and laundries

Septic Tank v Aqua Nova Design

A septic tank serves as the initial wastewater treatment system, typically releasing waste underground for natural dispersion. This process can potentially reintroduce nutrient-rich water into the soil, which in turn can lead to pollution of the waterways. Septic tanks face susceptibility to poor soil conditions and high water tables.

Aqua Nova systems differ from a standard septic tank by using aeration for wastewater treatment, elevating it to a secondary level or higher. This method reduces nutrient content in the waste so it can be safely dispersed back into the soil via gardens and lawns, reducing damage to the environment. Aqua Nova is the perfect system for properties that are not connected to the local council's sewer network, and seeking a sustainable approach to managing the reusing of household wastewater. Overall Aqua Nova is a safe, reliable and economical wastewater treatment system

Taylex Septic Tanks

Taylex is a well-known and respected manufacturer of plastic and precast concrete septic tanks. They have been providing safe and effective wastewater treatment systems for 45 years, and pride themselves on using natural processes to turn wastewater into clean, safe water which is recycled on-site. When you choose a Taylex septic tank you can be confident you are installing a quality product for your property. Your Taylex installer will help you with which design will be the most appropriate for your property and usage.

  • Standard Taylex Septic Tanks

The standard Taylex septic tank comes in a range of sizes, from 4,000 to 22,000 litres. Baffle walls are included in the construction along with a Taylex filter. Available in pre-cast concrete and plastic material, these tanks are developed with the highest levels of performance in mind, with longevity guaranteed. Taylex's engineer-designed concrete vessels are covered by a 15-year warranty.

  • The Taylex Maxi Tank

Referred to by Taylex as a ‘ giant version of a modern septic tank’ the Maxi Tank is highly versatile; along with its function as a septic tank, it’s able to be used as part of pump stations.

The Maxi Tank is available in two sizes:

  • working capacity of 7,100 litres, with a tank capacity of 8,100 litres.
  • working capacity of 18,000 litres, with a tank capacity of 22,000 litres.

What are the benefits of the Maxi Tank?

The Maxi Tanks' large size enables them to hold effluent (wastewater) for a longer-than-normal period of time. Effluent that has been held for a long time is generally cleaner. Maxi tanks are large, strong, reliable, and environmentally friendly, which aids in a healthy overall septic system, and financially beneficial for you.

Earthsafe Septic Tanks

In 1985 Earthsafe commenced production of the D10 Aerated Septic System which was proudly accredited by the NSW Health Department for above-ground irrigation.

Earthsafe is a leader in septic tanks and wastewater management, boasting Class A+ water treatment accreditation on their products as well as being fully recognised by local councils and health departments. You can't go wrong with an Earthsafe septic tank.

  • Mound systems
  • Surface and subsurface disposal systems
  • Pump-out collection wells

Important note; All home sewage treatment systems are required by law to be serviced regularly, usually quarterly by an accredited septic tank specialist.

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Express Wastewater Solutions supply and install various septic tank systems suitable for all applications. Contact our friendly team on 1300 722 517 or complete our septic tank system enquiry form.


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