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Aqua Nova Sewage Treatment Plant

Aqua Nova: first-class sewage treatment systems by Everhard

An alternative to your typical septic tank system , Aqua Nova is regarded as a very safe, reliable, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly system.

Aqua Nova is developed using cutting-edge aeration technology, with preservation of water in mind. Its design incorporates an advanced filtration system which effectively provides usable recycled wastewater.

Essentially, this revolutionary system converts your premises’ sewage into a water source for use in lawns and gardens.


How does the Aqua Nova septic system work?

The operation of the Aqua  Nova system is outlined below:

  1. Primary Treatment: The primary tank collects all of the wastewater that comes from the premises. Once in the tank the breakdown of solids and fats can begin.
  2. Aerobic Treatment: Once the wastewater is settled it will flow into an aerobic zone which is aerated with a small compressor. This section also has a special bacteria that biodegrades the majority of the solids and fats into a liquid.
  3. Clarification: The water from the aerobic treatment undergoes a final clarification that allows any remaining solids to be pumped back through to the primary tank to start again.
  4. Disinfection: The water from the clarification stage is then disinfected using chlorine. The chlorine concentration is enough to eliminate the bacteria left in the water from the aerobic treatment.
  5. Irrigation: Once the water is disinfected it is then pumped out to an irrigation system as recycled clean water. You can connect this recycled water into sprinklers or even a subsurface irrigation.

The benefits of Aqua Nova wastewater treatment

According to Everhard Industries, the creators of Aqua Nova, there are three main benefits to the wastewater system:


  • Aqua Nova systems are approved by Australian Standards (AS/NZs 1546-3)
  • With routine maintenance undertaken, Aqua Nova systems are trouble-free
  • These systems are fully guaranteed, carrying a 15-year tank warranty and a 2-year electrical component warranty
  • All household wastewater can be connected


Aqua Nova systems are:

  • Non-obtrusive
  • Odourless
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Value-adding to your household

Economical efficiency

  • Aqua Nova systems are designed for power minimisation, reducing operational costs
  • They save an average of 1,200 litres of water per day
  • Easily fittable to most pump irrigation equipment

Sewage treatment systems: septic tanks vs Aqua Nova

Being a direct alternative to a traditional septic tank, it’s only right that you as a consumer can differentiate between these systems.

In septic systems, wastewater is discharged underground, naturally transpiring and posing a risk of pollution to waterways. Furthermore, the operation of septic tanks can be negatively affected by poor soil quality and drainage issues.

Aqua Nova, on the other hand uses aeration in the wastewater treatment process, enabling safe irrigation back into soil through gardens and lawns; a factor offering great environmental benefit.

Just like septic systems, Aqua Nova is available in concrete and polymer builds, and capable of installation by a trained professional on both residential and commercial premises.


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