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Disadvantages of a sewage treatment plant

Your sewage treatment plant is not a set-and-forget feature of your home, to maintain an effective waste removal system the unit needs regular professional servicing and routine maintenance.

Wastewater treatment plants are not suited to every home and have some disadvantages which need to be considered by anyone considering installing a system.

Routine pumping out

Yearly or bi-yearly pumping out is required to remove the build-up of sludge and scum to avoid clogging the flow of waste and allow the system to operate effectively and efficiently. Failing to carry out solids removal can lead to system shutdown.


If not maintained correctly treatment plants can become smelly. The obvious smell is that of sewage, however, other odours like the smell of rotten eggs from the hydrogen sulphide as well as a whiff of ammonia.


A delicate balance of bacteria within the treatment plan helps to naturally break down the sewage. This balance can be disrupted under certain circumstances which can lead to a slowing down or even stopping of the treatment process. For example, bacteria can be damaged due to:

  • A sudden increase in water or waste from your home.
  • The use of harsh chemicals in the home.
  • Ambient temperature changes

An imbalance can result in contaminated waste being distributed to the surrounding environment.


A wastewater treatment plant requires to have enough space to position the plant and for the treated water to distribute in an area the required distance from boundaries. Your local council or water authority will usually set these regulations.

Looking to Install a Home Sewage Treatment Plant? Let our wastewater experts help you.

Installation costs

When compared with a connection to your local town sewage or a septic tank set-up the cost of a sewage treatment plant can be seen as a disadvantage. However, once installed and up and running the costs are minimal and the life of the system will extend past that of a septic tank.


The wastewater treatment plant requires reliable electricity to operate.

Sporadic use

This style of wastewater treatment relies on a consistent supply of sewage to stop the unit drying out making it not ideal for homes with sporadic water use or long periods of non-use. Eg. holiday homes, etc.

Treated water absorption

Wastewater absorption can be affected in very wet areas or during excessively rainy periods. The local climate in your area needs to be taken into consideration by the installation engineers.

Garden restrictions

Care needs to be taken with the plants in the absorption area which can restrict the kind of garden you have. It is recommended that edible plants are not used, only grass or shrubs or trees with shallow root systems are included. No large trees or shrubs in the area as they can cause the pipes to block.

Professional advice

Not sure if a sewage treatment plant is right for your property? Speak to the professionals at Express Wastewater Solutions for specific advice and recommendations for your home.

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Disadvantages of a sewage treatment plant Let our experts help you.

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