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How much does a sewage treatment plant cost?

Installation and operating costs can vary significantly across the various on-site sewage treatment options. There are many factors which can affect the price of your system including soil type, property slope, setbacks to waterways, as well as setbacks to other buildings. All these points need to be considered when choosing and designing your sewage treatment plant.

We have put together a sewage system price guide to help customers get an idea of the installation and running costs involved in the different systems. 

Important note - all cost mentioned on this page are approximate and are to be used as a guide only. For an exact price please contact our team for a custom quote.

Septic system price

A septic system is a made up of a septic tank and a network of absorption trenches or baths.

Septic tanks are often one of the cheaper options to install and operate, however, they are dependent on factors such as your property having permeable soil, and don't treat the water to a quality where it can be used for surface irrigation (watering your garden). 

  • Cost to install a septic system - $7000 to $15,000

Running costs can be broken up depending on if the system is gravity-fed or requires a pump to move the water from your house into the tank.

  • Running costs for a gravity-fed septic system - $200 to $400 every 5 to 10 years
  • Running costs for a septic system with a pump - $760 - 1,520 every 5 to 10 years

For more information on the costs involved in installing and operating a septic system including a breakdown of running costs take a look at our complete price guide - Sewage System Price Guide

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Aerated wastewater treatment system

An aerated wastewater treatment system uses an aerator to encourage the growth of the bacteria which helps to breakdown and clean the effluent. This style can offer a versatile, often cost effective, treatment option, however, requires a reliable power source and the mechanical parts pose a breakdown risk.

Installation costs vary depending on the method of treated water disbursement.

  • Cost to install an aerated wastewater treatment system surface disbursement - $7000 - $9000
  • Cost to install an aerated wastewater treatment system subsurface disbursement - $11,000 - $15,000

Running costs for a gravity-fed aerated wastewater system - approx $1000 per annum over a 15 year period.

For more information on the costs involved in installing and operating an aerated wastewater treatment system including a breakdown of running costs take a look at our complete price guide - Sewage System Price Guide

Sand filter wastewater system

A sand filter style wastewater system uses sand and the bacteria living in the sand to breakdown and filter the effluent. The treated wastewater is then distributed via absorption trenches and baths or fed to a second tank to be utilised for irrigation. This style is available is a large range of shapes and sizes which means it is a practical solution for a variety of different sized homes.

  • Cost to install a sand filter system - $11,000 to $22,000

Running costs for a sand filter system:

  • Enviro septic gravity or pumped - $200 to $400 every 5  to 10 years
  • Sand filter servicing (if model requires) - $500 per year

For further details on the price of a sand filter wastewater system as well as a breakdown of the operating costs visit our - Sewage System Price Guide

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How much does a sewage treatment plant cost? Let our experts help you.

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