Aerated Wastewater Treatment System (AWTS)

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The friendly team at Express Wastewater Solutions can help! We are your local experts when it comes to wastewater treatment systems, and aerated wastewater treatment systems are no exception. If you live in an unsewered area, the appropriate treatment of residential wastewater is super important in ensuring the continuing health and well-being of you, the public and the environment. We understand the importance to both you and the environment for your AWTS to be installed and working at optimal levels, so get in contact today.

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What is an aerated wastewater treatment system?

An aerated wastewater treatment system, otherwise known as an AWTS, was developed as a way of both adequately treating and reusing wastewater in a safe and eco-friendly way. It is used for the treatment of domestic wastewater from either one or multiple homes, through various treatment ‘chambers’ which are attached to an irrigation system. The treated wastewater can then be used to water your garden or other areas of your property.

How does an AWTS work?

An aerated wastewater treatment system treats wastewater from your home in several stages through several chambers. Each chamber has a different purpose, including :

  • The primary chamber: This chamber is very similar to a septic tank, where solids go to the bottom of the chamber and remain there as sludge and scum are collected at the top.
  • The aeration chamber: The partially treated wastewater is then mixed with air to assist bacteria in further treating it.
  • The settling chamber: Additional clarification happens through the settling of solids, which are then returned for further treatment to either the septic chamber or to the aeration chamber.
  • The disinfectant chamber: Effluent is then disinfected, usually through chlorination, before being used in irrigation processes.
Aerated Wastewater Treatment System
Aerated Wastewater Treatment System*

Professional aerated wastewater treatment system services

At Express Wastewater Solutions, we are your qualified specialists when it comes to the installation, repair and maintenance of aerated wastewater treatment systems. We have years of practical experience and know everything there is to know about wastewater treatment systems, allowing us to offer unique insight into a niche area. If you are looking for a small yet professional team of wastewater experts to complete your next job, we are the best choice around!

How much does an AWTS cost?

No one system will suit every block and it certainly isn't one-size-fits-all. That is why, at Express Wastewater, we are not aligned with any one system and we pride ourselves on matching the right system with the right person. To find out more about the running costs for aerated wastewater treatment systems, check out our pricing guide here: Wastewater Pricing Breakdown.

Why choose us as your AWTS experts?

When it comes to ensuring you install the best wastewater treatment plant for your home, you want to know you are dealing with the best. Express Wastewater Solutions pride itself on being one of the most trusted wastewater professionals around, with our friendly team ensuring :

  • If for some reason we can't be there on time or notify you of the delay we will provide the first hour of labour for free.
  • We are a truly local family owned and run business.
  • We find the best cost-effective solutions for your wastewater treatment needs.
  • We proudly install and maintain Taylex systems, which are the largest domestic AWTS manufacturers in Australia.
  • We have chosen to concentrate on such a narrow field of drainage and wastewater so we can truly be experts within this area.
  • We are a small team of dedicated professionals who are determined to change this perception of a tradesperson one positive experience at a time.
Express Wastewater

Your qualified AWTS experts

If you have some questions regarding an aerated wastewater treatment system or are thinking it may be the best system for your home, give Express Wastewater Solutions a call on 1300 770 594 or complete an online job booking form today. We are your local South East Queensland professionals when it comes to the best wastewater solutions for your needs, so get in contact.

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