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Confused about Aerobic Wastewater Systems?

Wastewater can be broken down with either aerobic or anaerobic digestion. As the names imply, aerobic digestion is using bacteria that require oxygen to work whereas anaerobic digestion uses bacteria that don't need oxygen. There are two key advantages of an aerobic wastewater system; firstly, the bacteria can break down the wastewater a lot faster and secondly, it can break it down to a higher standard. We will go into the different aerobic wastewater system types etc, but if you'd rather just leave it to an expert fill in your details below and we'll be in touch.

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Aerobic vs Anaerobic Wastewater Systems

There are essentially 2 types of aerobic wastewater systems for the home and 1 anaerobic system. Before we go into more detail about aerobic wastewater systems, let's go through the 3 main types of systems.

Anaerobic Wastewater Systems

Septic tanks use anaerobic digestion to break down wastewater. Not only is the tank sealed, but the scum that floats on top of the effluent forms an airtight layer as well.

Aerobic Wastewater Systems

This is where it starts to get a bit confusing with the plethora of different names used for the same type of system (not to mention brand names). But essentially, there are 2 main types of aerobic wastewater treatment systems:

Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Systems

Home Sewage Treatment Plants

Before we explain the basics of these systems, let's go through some of the different names they go by:

Now you know some of the names, how do they work? An aerobic wastewater system uses pumps etc to aerate the effluent in the tanks, ensuring it is oxygenated for the bacteria. Find out how a HSTP breaks down wastewater.

Sand Filter Septic Systems

This is where a biological sand filter is used for effluent from a septic tank to run through allowing aerobic bacteria living in the sand to digest it. As the filter is not sealed, oxygen is readily available. Find out how Septic System Sand Filters work.

Aerobic Wastewater Systems we Install

Express Wastewater can help with all your home wastewater needs. Whilst we can help you with your septic tank system, we also have a range of aerobic wastewater systems we are certified to install.

Still confused? No worries, we're not. So get in touch and we can help you get the best aerobic wastewater system for your needs. We handle everything from obtaining council permits to soil testing and installation. Whether you need installation of an AWTS or Aerobic Sand Filter, get in contact with us.

Aerobic Wastewater Systems Installation and Council Approvals

At Express Wastewater Solutions, we are your qualified specialists when it comes to the installation of aerobic wastewater treatment systems, aerobic sand filters, and other residential wastewater treatment systems.

It's not a one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to wastewater systems. Every property is unique and that's why we recommend the best and most cost-effective solutions to our customers. Based on the system you choose, we can obtain approval from the local council and then complete the installation at your premises.

Why choose us as your Aerobic Wastewater System experts?

When it comes to ensuring you install the best wastewater treatment plant for your home, you want to know you are dealing with the best. Express Wastewater Solutions pride itself on being one of the most trusted wastewater professionals in South East Queensland, with our friendly team.

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  • We are a small team of dedicated professionals who are determined to change this perception of a tradesperson one positive experience at a time.
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If you have some questions regarding an aerobic wastewater treatment system or are thinking it may be the best system for your home, give Express Wastewater Solutions a call at 1300 770 594 or complete an online job booking form today. We are your local South East Queensland professionals when it comes to the best wastewater solutions, so get in contact today.

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