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Sewage treatment plan specialist SE Queensland

Express Wastewater Solutions are specialists in wastewater design for homes throughout southeast Queensland. Our specialist plumbers carry out comprehensive wastewater reports which include all the details required for a wastewater design submission to your local council including a detailed soil testing evaluation and the full site plan.

We take care of everything in-house from wastewater design, soil testing & site assessment, and council applications, to complete supply and installation - sourcing components from reliable brands, coordinating tradespeople, and project management.

Our experts will ensure the recommended sewage treatment plan meets all the required criteria, will effectively manage the needs of your home, protects the local environment, and adheres to all local council onsite wastewater treatment guidelines.

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When is a sewage treatment plan required?

A sewage treatment plan (wastewater design) is required for new unsewered homes and those with current on-site wastewater treatment systems that have been assessed as failing, as well as for system upgrades or replacements.

Specialist wastewater plumbers

Our team of experienced plumbers specialise in on-site wastewater treatment and drainage, which allows us to provide our customers with a more practical approach to designing the appropriate home sewage treatment solution.

We work with a range of treatment options from a septic tank system to aerated wastewater treatment systems (AWTS) and aerobic sand filter systems across a selection of leading brands to provide our customers with a custom sewage treatment option perfectly suited to their land and wastewater requirements.

We can provide onsite sewage treatment system design for:

  • New home building projects
  • Treatment upgrades during renovations or home extensions
  • Converting from a primary system (septic tank) to secondary systems such as HSTP or aerobic sand filter systems.
  • Restoring failed on-site sewage systems
Samford Valley HSTP Plan
Wastewater treatment system plan

Great reasons to use Express Wastewater Solutions for your sewage treatment plan

  • We offer a free initial wastewater treatment consultation to get you on the right track
  • Our team are qualified, licenced plumbers who specialise in practical, effective and efficient home sewage treatment solutions.
  • We utilise a wide range of brands to ensure you get the very best, long-lasting system.
  • We are a local South East Queensland wastewater specialist, our team understand the challenges this area presents and can provide options for every application.

Wastewater treatment approval process

There are various wastewater systems that you can install on your property, however, each and every arrangement has a range of approvals to be obtained before they can be installed. This is to ensure that you, your household, your neighbours and the environment will not be negatively impacted by the system, which can have a huge range of issues if it isn't the correct system for your needs.

Find out more about the approvals required in Queensland here - What you need to know about the home wastewater system approval process in Queensland

What approvals are required for an on-site sewage facility?

Ensuring you have a wastewater treatment system on your property that is correctly designed, installed and working to its full capacity is a big part of keeping the health of you and the environment at safe levels.

In order to install an on-site sewage treatment facility, whether it is an on-site sewage treatment plant or a septic system, you are required to obtain approval from your local government. Find out more about on-site sewage system approvals here - What approvals are needed for an on-site sewage facility?

Local council on-site wastewater guidelines

The local council requirements for the installation of onsite wastewater treatment and septic systems can vary slightly depending on your area. We’ve put together some handy links to each council in our South East Queensland service area for quick reference. Find out more here -

Soil testing

Soil testing is an essential step in the wastewater design process as it assesses the percolation and permeability of the ground. This information is used to identify the most suitable treatment system which meets your household requirements, and the local council guidelines and protects the surrounding environment.

Find out more about why soil testing is important here - Why testing soil before installing a sewage system is important

Wastewater system project

Take a look at a wastewater treatment system we designed and installed in the Samford Valley, west of Brisbane. - Wastewater treatment project

Your trusted local wastewater design experts

For all your wastewater design requirements across South East Queensland contact Express Wastewater Solutions at 1300 770 594 or complete our quick online sewage treatment plan request form today.

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