Samford Valley Wastewater Treatment System Project

We recently had a client who was looking to sell their home but could not get a final home inspection. We were contracted to design and install a suitable wastewater system for their Samford Valley property. 

Our team firstly assessed the area, completing a site and soil check and a site and soil assessment before designing the wastewater system.

Wastewater treatment plant site
The landscape of the assessed site.
Wastewater treatment plant site

Details of the property:

  • Allotment Area - 1.5 hectares
  • Slope - 10%
  • Dwelling - 4 bedrooms
  • Weather - fine
  • Existing waste disposal - Bio septic HSTP
  • Reason for application - no final inspection
  • Soil - loam / clay loam

Water supply and treatment facility

  • Water supply - reticulated
  • Treatment plant and water quality - Bioseptic secondary effluent
  • Capacity - 6000L
  • Disposal method - heavy droplet spray irrigation

Design calculations

  • Hydraulic load (person/day) - 120
  • Equivalent persons - 6
  • Design flow Q (litres/day) - 720
  • Design sizing calculations - 720 / 3.5 = disposal area 206m2

The existing septic system was retained and our team designed an additional wastewater treatment system to comply with Queensland plumbing and watewater code, plumbing and drainage regulation as well as the relevant environmental act and regulations.

Samford Valley HSTP Plan
Wastewater treatment system plan
Samford Valley HSTP Plan
Samford Valley HSTP Surfact Irrigation Plan
Plans for a surface irrigation system for the property.

After we completed the design plans, submitted them to council and installed their wastewater system, our clients received the final ok to sell their home.

If you need to upgrade your home sewage treatment plant in the Brisbane area, speak to our experienced team today.

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