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Home sewage treatment plant (HSTP) experts

Express Wastewater Solutions are industry-leading home sewage treatment plant experts, with years of experience and knowledge in a niche area. We provide our customers with the best solutions to meet all their wastewater needs, with HSTPs being a great option for a huge variety of homes and properties.

We work across the South East Queensland area including Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast, and Ipswich, so get in contact to find out more now.

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What is a home sewage treatment plant?

A home sewage treatment plant, otherwise known as a HSTP, is an arrangement which treats both greywater and blackwater in one area. In principle, a HSTP is loosely based around a community sewage treatment system, however, is just on a smaller scale (suited to one home instead of an entire street or area).

A HSTP allows natural bacteria to treat wastewater in an eco-friendly and secure way, without adding harmful chemicals to the process. The greywater and blackwater travel between various chambers, allowing the separation of solids, the addition of anaerobic bacteria - bacteria that don't rely on oxygen to survive - and the aeration of the leftover liquids. Once this is complete, the water is environmentally safe and can be used in without being dangerous to you or those around you e.g. watering your garden.

Although there are different types of HSTPs, there are a few common parts that all share:

  • Primary treatment chamber.
  • Secondary treatment chamber.
  • Settling, disinfection and pump out chamber.
  • Irrigation pump.

What benefits do a HSTP offer?

  • Unlike a septic system, the HSTP has three stages to treat the wastewater to a higher level.
  • Use a more complicated filtration, biological and mechanical process than other options.
  • The effluent or ‘treated wastewater’ that is released from a HSTP is non-polluting, meaning it can be released both above and below ground.
  • Relatively cost-effective to run.
  • Treats both blackwater and greywater.
  • Environmentally friendly and lower impact on the ecosystem.

A lot of the time people don’t even realise that their home has a HTSP, as it works like any Municipal sewer system and gives all the benefits that it provides, however, municipal systems don’t allow you to use the treated wastewater as a HTSP does.

Who does a home sewage treatment plant suit?

Almost anyone, as HSTPs suits properties of all shapes and sizes. Speak to our friendly team for more information today!

Experienced local home sewage treatment plant team

Express Wastewater offer knowledge, experience, skills and tools to ensure your home has the best HSTP for your exact circumstances.  We offer a free 30-minute phone consultation with one of our home sewage treatment system experts to figure out the best option for your home and can help every step of the way. We assist with the planning, design and installation of a new system in your home, ensuring it is the most practical and efficient system for your needs, as well as ongoing services such as maintenance and repairs.

Why choose us for all your HSTP needs?

  • We have years of hands-on experience when it comes to HSTPs.
  • We offer practical solutions to suit your budget.
  • We are well-versed in local, state and federal regulations when it comes to wastewater solutions.
  • If for some reason we can't be there on time or notify you of the delay we will provide the first hour of labour for free.
  • We are a truly local family owned and run business.
  • We find the best cost-effective solutions for your home sewage treatment plant needs.
  • We have chosen to concentrate on such a narrow field of drainage and wastewater so we can truly be experts within this field.
  • We are a small team of dedicated professionals who are determined to change this perception of a tradesperson one positive experience at a time.
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If you have any questions regarding home sewage treatment plants, or would like to speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members regarding any wastewater solutions for your home or office, give Express Wastewater Solutions a call now at 1300 770 594 or complete an online job booking form. 

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