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Whether it’s a new wastewater treatment system, or renovation/upgrade of a failed septic system, Express Wastewater are you number one option on the Sunshine Coast. We’re a local, family-owned company, and work with a variety of top wastewater treatment systems on the market. Our experience, expertise and excellent client relationships add up to a high level of customer satisfaction. See for yourself as to why we’re the premier wastewater treatment company on the Sunshine Coast.

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Types of wastewater treatment systems

The method by which wastewater needs to be treated can vary, generally into two primary systems:

Septic systems

An on-site sewage facility, septic systems involve treating wastewater via decomposition and drainage, using biological processes. In unsewered areas, septic systems provide safe effluent disposal.

Home sewage treatment systems

A home sewage treatment plant (HSTP) works by enabling bacteria to treat wastewater. An environmentally-friendly method, HSTP's separate solids and liquids through water transfer.

In this process, anaerobic bacteria treatment and liquid aeration works towards improving water quality. Effluent treated in this way can potentially be used on gardens and lawns without harming anyone.

Why choose Express for wastewater treatment on the Sunshine Coast?

There are several reasons as to why you should use Express Wastewater to repair or install your home wastewater treatment plant, which include:

  • Our wealth of experience and strong buying power in the industry, enabling delivery of nothing but the best services to our clients.
  • We offer a free 30 minute phone consult to help you work out what your issues are, and the possible solutions we can provide for you.
  • We don't support any one brand of wastewater treatment plant and will recommend the best solution for your needs.
  • The entire process is handled by us, including organisation of tradespeople and council approvals.
  • We will always look to repair your wastewater system before trying to upgrade you to a new system.
  • We are fully licenced and insured in all we do.

We can help with your wastewater treatment issues in Sunshine Coast.


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Should I turn off my AWTS when I go away?
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For more in depth wastewater treatment information visit our Wastewater treatment Information page

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I tried a number of plumbers to fix my septic system, no one seemed to know how to do it. The team at Express were knowledgeable, professional and got the job done at a fair price.

Why Use Express Wastewater Solutions?


    Because we are not a manufacturer and not tied to one particular system we can always offer the best solution for your wastewater needs.


    Because we do this every day we have developed a close knit expert team for every step of the process – from plans and council paperwork to excavations, electrical and plumbing. We handle it all to make the whole process as stress free and quick as possible.


    Most people have never installed a home sewerage treatment plant and don’t know the next step, that is why we offer a free 30 minute phone consult with one of our experts to point you in the right direction.


    We handle your wastewater installation from start to finish we can deal with all the trades, council everything so you don’t have to worry about a thing.


    Have peace of mind knowing that Express are licensed, insured professionals that will do your job right the first time.


    Not sure what system is right for you, or want to know if your system is working properly? Just give one of our friendly wastewater experts a call and they will be more than happy to help.


    We will always look to repair your system rather than replace it if it does not need to be, which will generally save large amounts of money sometimes up to and over $10,000.

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