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Looking at upgrading your sewage treatment system?

The BioCycle brand is a term often used as a general term to refer to many different sewage treatment systems, like Glad Wrap for plastic wrap or Sprite for lemonade. Our experienced wastewater team supplies and install a range of top-quality sewage treatment systems and will find the perfect solution for your property. We also repair and service Biocycle systems.

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How do systems like BioCycle work?

Aerobic wastewater treatment systems are an environmentally friendly alternative to a septic tank.

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These home sewage systems digest solid wastes using controlled natural processes which purify the wastewater allowing it to be reused. The clean and odourless, disinfected water can be recycled through either garden drippers, sprinklers, sub-surface irrigation or even in landscaping.

What applications can this type of sewage system be used for?

This style offers a wide range of different treatment systems to cater for both large and small applications. The most common being:

Residential: The size of the sewage system required for your home will depend on how many bedrooms are within your home. The grey and black water that is captured from the home can be used throughout the outside in the gardens and irrigation.

Commercial: These systems are designed for high-volume wastewater and can be used for hotels, mine camps, schools, factories, wineries, rural subdivisions, holiday settlements or remote communities.

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