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How Does A Sewage Treatment System Work?

What is a sewage treatment system?

Sewage treatment systems are a special device that treats wastes water in an environmentally sustainable way. The water produced from a sewage treatment system is able to be used on gardens and grass to keep them luscious and green all year round all while not adding to your water bill.

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How sewage treatment systems work

There are 3 main stages to sewage treatment systems with each being just as important as the next.

The first stage in the sewage treatment is the Primary chamber. This chamber contains all of the grey and black water from the home and holds it until the heavy materials fall to the bottom and the lighter material floats to the top. Once this process has occurred the left over water (effluent) then leaves the tank and proceeds into the secondary chamber which is known as a pre-treatment chamber.

In the second chamber wastewater is subject to special anaerobic bacteria which feeds on the pollutants within the water and starts the breakdown process.

Fact: Anaerobic bacteria does not need oxygen in order to survive and feed.

The second stage in the treatment is called the aeration chamber. This chamber creates small bubbles which aerate the chamber causing oxygen to transfer into the water which allows for aerobic bacteria to grow rapidly. This bacteria is a lot faster at breaking down organic waste than anaerobic bacteria is as well as being able to double its numbers when there is a food source such as organic waste.

Fact: Aerobic Bacteria requires oxygen to live and in turn is able to consume and breed faster than it's anaerobic counterpart.

The third stage of the process allows for the waste water to settle. The water within the chamber at this point is now lighter and less dense than what is was when it entered the system. The aerobic bacteria will settle to the bottom if not disturbed. Chlorine or UV light will be introduced at this point to remove any unwanted bacteria from the water.

The forth and final stage is when your wastewater is pumped out of your hose or irrigation system onto your garden or lawn.

Sewage Treatment System Brands

There are many different sewage treatment manufacturers. Some common brands are:

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