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Septic sand system installation, repair & maintenance

Treat your wastewater to a higher standard with the help of a septic sand system. The sand acts as an excellent filtering agent and it is used as a secondary treatment process.

Express Wastewater are experts when it comes to onsite wastewater treatment systems. Unlike other plumbers, we install and service countless septic and wastewater systems every week, so you can count on us for reliable and professional services. We understand not many people are aware of the intricate details about septic systems , that’s why we offer a 30-minute free consultation to help our customers make an informed decision. Book a septic sand system consultation with our wastewater experts today.

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How do Septic Sand Systems work?

Septic sand systems have five components:

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The sand septic system works like a conventional septic system. Once the water is treated in the septic tank, the effluent is distributed evenly throughout the sand bed. The effluent seeps down into the gravel and sand. Here, the effluent is treated further by microbes and sand. Microbes in the soil absorb some of the nutrients present in the wastewater and the sand filters out the solids. The treated water is of better quality and it can be reused and recycled.

Septic Sand System diagram

Benefits of Septic Sand Systems

  • They work well in areas with less soil, in rocky areas, and in areas where conventional systems cannot.
  • The system can be constructed above or below the ground.
  • It can remove nitrogen effectively and treat wastewater efficiently as the microbes present in the sand are rich in oxygen.
  • The system is sustainable and eco-friendly as the treated wastewater is of better quality, which reduces contamination risk.
  • These systems are low maintenance as the sand bed filters can last for 2-5 years.
  • As the treated wastewater is of better quality, it can be used for irrigation.

Maintenance of Septic Sand Systems

Regular maintenance of the drain field and sand filters are important for the efficient functioning of the system. The sand bed filters should be checked annually by an experienced wastewater technician. The septic tank needs to be pumped out every 4 years or more often if needed.

It is also important to conserve water and use non-toxic chemicals to help the system perform better. For all your septic system needs, contact us today.

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If you have some questions regarding septic sand systems or are thinking it may be the best system for your home, give Express Wastewater Solutions a call at 1300 770 594 or complete an online septic system booking form today. We are your local South East Queensland professionals when it comes to the best wastewater solutions.

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