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Searching for complete septic system repair?

If your septic tank isn't working as it should, give Express Wastewater Solutions a call today and we can help. We offer a comprehensive range of solutions to ensure your septic system is running exactly like it should, ensuring the best outcome for every customer we assist. Septic tank maintenance is one way of keeping your system happy and healthy although that will not fix all problems, and sometimes you will need to have your system either repaired or your absorption trenches replaced.

We work across the South East Queensland area including Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast, and Ipswich, so give us a call today.

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How do you know if your septic tank is in need of repair?

There are a few common signs and symptoms to look out for when it comes to your septic tank needing repairs:

  • A small to large wet patch in your lawn that doesn’t ever seem to dry out is a telltale sign that your septic tank isn’t working correctly or is leaking.
  • Your septic tank is too full due, as it is unable to empty correctly.
  • Your septic tank isn't pumped out often enough and the sludge/scum layers become too thick.
  • Your septic tank has a bad odour.
  • There is standing water around your septic tank.

If any of the above signs are apparent in your home, give us a call now!

Practical and affordable septic tank repairs

Typically, whenever there is a problem with a septic tank the first option is to replace the entire system. Now, whilst this is sometimes the only option available it isn’t always 100% necessary. An Express Wastewater Solutions expert will always exhaust every possible repairable option first before upgrading the entire system.

Case Study: One of our customers was recently quoted over $16,000 to have a full treatment plant conversion by another plumber. We managed to find a repair solution for less than $4,000. Thats ⅓ of the price she was initially quoted by someone else.

Having an old trench system instead of a newer treatment plant means that there is a lower service cost. All of the repairs that we perform are within council guidelines and have been approved so you can be rest assured that the work we conduct on your property is compliant.

What happens if septic tank repair isn't an option?

If you find yourself in a position where septic system repair isn't an option, a replacement or upgrade to a new system may be available. Below we have compiled the 3 most common situations where a replacement or upgrade may be necessary:

Septic tank for a new dwelling

If you happen to have an older-style septic tank, you will most probably need to upgrade it if adding a new dwelling to your home. We can explain the processes required and guide you through the process from start to finish, from the initial design to the installation of your new treatment plant.

New septic tank during renovations

As above, you will want to upgrade your system as you upgrade how many bedrooms will be in the home. The reason for this is due to your trenches are specifically sized based on the number of bedrooms. The more bedrooms a house has the more waste the house will potentially produce.

If you have any questions or concerns about your system prior to starting renovations, feel free to give us a call and our experts will be able to answer all of your queries.

Failed septic tank trenches

There are numerous reasons why septic trenches fail, these can include:

  • Tree roots intrusion
  • Dirt buildup
  • Crushed trenches
  • Collapsed pipe
  • Water logging
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