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What is an absorption trench?

An absorption trench is simply a trench that is cut into the ground, fitted with piping, rested on gravel and filled back with topsoil. This trench is then used to release sewage waste from toilets and greywater from bathrooms, kitchens and laundry waste.

Absorption trench diagram
The absorption trench system

Absorption Trenches are built to suit the purpose of the wastewater requirements of the property they reside on, factors such as required volume and environmental aspects such as soil quality all determine the final characteristics of an absorption trench including depth, length and size.

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How long does an absorption trench last?

A number of factors can come into play in determining the lifespan of your absorption trench The absorption trench for your septic tank, if properly installed and maintained, should last in excess of 15 years. However, problems can occur if the installation was faulty, if the perforated pipe which runs through the trench gets clogged or if, for some reason, the effluent waste is prevented from draining efficiently into the surrounding soil or evaporating from the area.

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Absorption trench maintenance

Maintaining your septic tank and absorption trenches is essential to ensuring your septic system functions smoothly and efficiently. Keep heavy machinery and traffic to a minimum in areas where an absorption trench is installed and check the surrounding area for evidence of leaks and unpleasant odours.

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