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Home Wastewater Treatment and Groundwater

Treated wastewater and groundwater are used among many homes everyday for a number of different purposes. Both are generally safe to use, unless they have been contaminated through pollution or incorrect wastewater disposal, which would pose a number of risks for the user. This article will provide you with useful information regarding wastewater treatment and groundwater.

What is groundwater and wastewater?

Groundwater comes from aquifers below the Earth's surface, which store water from soil perspiration. It is deposited from natural springs above ground, but groundwater is often collected by wells which maintain the water’s cleanliness. Groundwater can be used for a number of purposes like agriculture, irrigation and can be a main source of drinking water.

Once water has been used by humans, it becomes contaminated and is referred to as wastewater. Wastewater can then be treated, either by a wastewater treatment plant or an onsite sewage treatment facility. In order for both groundwater and wastewater to be safe for use, it must not be contaminated.

Possible contaminants

There are a number of possible wastewater and groundwater contaminants that can affect the quality of water, if it is not properly treated/maintained, including:

  • Bacteria and viruses can contaminate a water source.
  • Sludge and scum in septic tanks can build up and impact the water quality if they are left to build up and filtration becomes ineffective.
  • Cleaning agents and fuels leave organic solvents, which may not be removed through treatment and can end up in the water supply.
  • Nitrate-nitrogen from human wastes is a common contaminant of groundwater.
  • Surface water is often contaminated by phosphorus from chemical based water conditioners.

Concerns and risks regarding contaminated water

Contaminated groundwater or surface water is unsafe for human consumption/use. It can cause severe illness or spread diseases among people, including: diarrhea, nausea, dehydration, stomach or intestinal problems, cancer and even lead to death. If contaminated water is used for irrigation or agriculture, the runoff from these farms can end up in the oceans, contributing to coral bleaching.

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How to minimise the risk of contamination for your septic system?

To avoid contaminating your home’s septic tank system, you can:

  • Refrain from using chemicals to clean your tank as they may interfere with your tank’s biological filtration or mix chemicals with groundwater. Also avoid using toxic substances other than bleach for disinfection or washing purposes in the home.
  • Avoid putting fats, grease, coffee grounds, paper towels and other solids down your drains to prevent your septic tank from clogging.
  • Keep your use of a garbage disposal unit to a minimum to prevent too much organic matter or large amounts of solids from entering your septic system

Importance of a safe and functional septic tank

Ensuring your septic tank is working properly, is essential to providing a safe and reliable source of drinking water for your family. To maintain their functionality, septic tank systems must be professionally inspected, pumped out, and cleaned periodically to avoid sludge and scum buildups, which can cause contamination and a number of other hazardous issues.

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Home Wastewater Treatment and Groundwater Let our experts help you.

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