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Who is responsible for on-site wastewater treatment systems?

Role of Homeowners and Wastewater System Installers

On-site wastewater treatment systems are an important part of many homes as they treat wastewater so it can be safely reabsorbed into the surrounding ground. While there are a number of people involved with the entire wastewater process, it is beneficial to understand your role and the role of others when it comes to wastewater treatment to ensure that your system continues to work well for your home and community. This article will provide you with all of the information you will need to know about who is responsible for what around home wastewater treatment systems.

What is the homeowner responsible for?

The homeowner firstly has to make an enquiry to a licensed plumber or irrigation contractor. Homeowners are responsible for how they treat their septic system, this means periodic checks for leaks or blockages.

They should report any damaged or blocked wastewater drains to a licenced wastewater specialist for prompt repairs and they are also encouraged to maintain a sustainable amount of water usage. Homeowners should also avoid disposing hazardous waste into toilets or sinks that could cause blockages or damage.

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What is the wastewater system installer responsible for?

The job of a wastewater treatment system installer is to effectively design and connect your home to a wastewater treatment system or septic tank. These tanks/systems collect septic wastewater for its initial treatment and then distribute it to be reabsorbed into the surrounding environment.

The installer must ensure that the septic tank is located at an adequate distance from a home and your property boundry. Wastewater treatment systems are often installed below driveways, decks or next to a house at the required separation distance. The installer must ensure the system is connected to the drain field or absorption trench, which distributes the partially treated effluent for soil treatment.

Maintenance company responsibilities

Wastewater treatment system maintenance companies are responsible for the entire wastewater process. Their job is to ensure that the wastewater is effectively moved from the home to the septic tank or wastewater treatment system and then distributed to the absorption trench where it is reabsorbed into the surrounding ground.

The wastewater service provider is responsible for maintaining the on site wastewater treatment system. They complete routine checks of each component of the system. A professional septic pump out company can be required to remove sludge build up periodically to keep the system working effectively.

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Who is responsible for on-site wastewater treatment systems? Let our experts help you.

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