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Do septic tanks use electricity?

Septic tank power requirements

Septic tanks are an essential part of an onsite septic system as they filter sewage into effluent, which is why it is important to know if a septic tank is powered by electricity. Although a home sewage treatment plant may include electronic parts like an aerobic septic tank pump, the tank itself is independent of electricity. This article will provide you with information regarding the electricity-free sewage filtration process in a septic tank.

How does a septic tank work without any electricity?

When sewage is deposited into a septic tank, the tank utilises the force of gravity, which sorts the waste into three main components; sludge, scum and effluent. Sludge is denser than water, which naturally sinks to the bottom of the tank. The scum floats to the very top of the tank as it is lighter than water, leaving only effluent suspended between the two. The effluent can then be pumped out through sprinklers, which may use electricity. The tank itself, however, achieves this waste separation without any power or mechanical parts.

For a higher quality effluent, secondary treatment is required, which occurs when the effluent is transferred to an absorption trench for further sterilisation. By positioning the absorption trench below the tank, the wastewater can be transported to the trench with the force of gravity alone. If this isn't possible, then an electrically powered pressurised pipe may be required to move the effluent.

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Benefits of no electricity use

As septic tanks are not dependent on electricity for operation, there are many benefits of having a septic tank, which include:

  • Low running cost.
  • Not affected by power outages.
  • No risk of damage from power surges.
  • Easy to install.
  • Simple design.
  • Long-lasting.

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