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Sewage Treatment Plant

Thinking it might be time for a new sewage treatment plant?

Then we can help! Express Wastewater Solutions offers a range of sewage treatment plant options to suit any type of household and property, with our specialist team being able to provide the best, most practical wastewater solutions to suit your needs. Whether you are building a new home, currently renovating, or upgrading a pre-existing septic system, our team can assist you with the planning, design, and installation of your new sewage treatment plant.

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What is a sewage treatment plant?

A sewage treatment plant is a system that helps treat domestic wastewater. There are home sewage treatment systems, otherwise known as HSTP, and the more commonly known septic system, which both treat wastewater in varying ways.

You may have also heard the following terms used for a HSTP, including :

  • On-site Sewage Facilities (OSSF)
  • Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems (AWTS)
  • Aerobic Treatment Units (ATU)
  • Sewage Treatment Unit (STU)
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP)
  • Aerobic Septic Systems
  • Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • Domestic Wastewater Treatment
  • Residential Wastewater Treatment System
  • BioCycle System

What does a sewage treatment plant do?

Through a series of chemical processes, a sewage treatment plant looks after the wastewater that is typically generated by a home.

Grey water

This is the water that is produced by showers, baths, washing machines, sinks and basins. This is the best water for recycling as there isn’t many additives.


This is the water that comes from the waste pipe of your toilet. This water contains a lot of infectious agents and can be broken down to be recycled to a smaller extent than grey water.

What a sewage treatment plant does is combine both blackwater and grey water and which is then processed using natural bacteria and other additives. The result is recycled water that can be used around the home and garden.

Benefits of a home sewage system

Having a sewage treatment plant for your home can help save money on your water by using the recycled wastewater on your gardens. The impact that your home has on the environment is decreased due to being more self-sufficient.

By having a treatment plant you are also minimising excessive use of groundwater thus being more environmentally friendly.

Expert sewage system advice

We offer a free 30 minute consultation between you and one of our wastewater experts to help determine which a sewage treatment plant is right for your home or whether it would be more beneficial to keep your existing system.

Sewage treatment system price guide

There is no one-size-fits-all wastewater treatment system, each block has unique natural features and each home will have different water usage habits which could make one style ideal and another unsuitable. Express Wastewater take pride in customising the water treatment option for each customer, carefully matching the right system with the right property.

Find out more about the installation and running costs of the different options - Sewage Treatment System Price Guide

Your local sewage treatment plant specialist

If you still have some questions about sewage treatment plants, or think it may be time for a system to be installed for your home, give Express Wastewater a call today! We provide the very best service and advice, so contact our team on 1300 722 517 or complete our quick online booking request today.


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Why Use Express Wastewater Solutions?


    Because we are not a manufacturer and not tied to one particular system we can always offer the best solution for your wastewater needs.


    Because we do this every day we have developed a close knit expert team for every step of the process – from plans and council paperwork to excavations, electrical and plumbing. We handle it all to make the whole process as stress free and quick as possible.


    Most people have never installed a home sewerage treatment plant and don’t know the next step, that is why we offer a free 30 minute phone consult with one of our experts to point you in the right direction.


    We handle your wastewater installation from start to finish we can deal with all the trades, council everything so you don’t have to worry about a thing.


    Have peace of mind knowing that Express are licensed, insured professionals that will do your job right the first time.


    Not sure what system is right for you, or want to know if your system is working properly? Just give one of our friendly wastewater experts a call and they will be more than happy to help.


    We will always look to repair your system rather than replace it if it does not need to be, which will generally save large amounts of money sometimes up to and over $10,000.