Are you getting septic treatment system brands confused and don’t even know it?

Brand confusion happens a lot more than people realise, and across a variety of different industries. From food to septic treatment systems, the list is huge and you likely didn’t even know you were doing it!

When a brand is well known for a particular product, it is quite often that people will use the brand name when referring to that product. A good example of this is how we often hear the term ‘Glad Wrap’. Glad Wrap is actually a brand of cling wrap, and not the actual product itself, resulting in a confusion between brand and product. The same thing happens with septic treatment systems too!

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Why do people confuse brands for products?

Confusing brands for products is a super common occurrence, but why does it occur? Brands are built up through customer perceptions, expectations and experiences of the products in which they purchase and use regularly or for long periods of time. In today’s society, thoughts and personal views flood the internet and finding a product has never been easier. This is where a lot of brand confusion comes into play. When people refer to using a product, such as cling wrap, they don’t relate the term ‘cling wrap’ with the plastic material they wrap food in - they relate it to the name ‘Glad Wrap’. These are the words that are boldly written across the packaging, and what a consumer sees when they purchase and use it. 

So, brand confusion occurs due to aspects such as:

  • Use of brand name by other users, instead of product name.
  • Placement of brand name on products.
  • How long the product has been on the market.
  • How many other similar products are on the market.
  • How effective the product is.
  • How many product types the brand creates.
  • Because it is an easier option.

And this is just the beginning!

Where does brand confusion occur?

Brand confusion occurs across a range of industries and products, such as:

  • Glad Wrap (cling wrap).
  • Kleenex (tissues).
  • Esky (cooler).
  • Ugg Boots (slippers).

But it also occurs when it comes to septic treatment systems too!

BioCycle confusion

How does brand confusion occur with septic treatment systems?

It may sound strange, but brand confusion also happens in the wastewater industry. A common term stated is a ‘BioCycle’ system, however this is actually a brand.

Due to BioCycle being one of the market leaders, as well as one of the first manufacturers of, aerobic treatment systems it is no wonder they are commonly confused for the product itself. The confusion sets in when people are referred to by a friend, colleague, or even a trade professional to get a BioCycle. Whilst BioCycle does make quality septic systems, they are not the only manufacturers anymore.

There are many brands that manufacture different types of septic treatment systems. With fierce competition, it pays to shop around when looking to get your new system. Other septic system manufacturers include:

You would be excused if you are a little overwhelmed with all the differing names!

Is brand confusion a positive or negative occurrence?

This is a tricky question that results in differing answers from different people, users and trade professionals alike. If the brand that is most commonly related to a product is clearly the best in the business, brand confusion isn’t necessarily a negative situation. Asking for that product by brand name results in them receiving a great item, which is beneficial to everyone.

If however there are other brands which offer a similar, if not better, product, this is when brand confusion can actually have a negative effect. Some brands may be overlooked due purely to not being commonly known, instead of being appropriately recognised and used. Additionally, brand confusion can become negative if a consumer only knows that brand name - and not others - which then limits the research that they may complete before buying a product.

Ultimately, brand confusion has positives and negatives that are applicable to both consumers and brands.

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