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What is the Best Wastewater Treatment Plant?

Discover the types of the most popular domestic sewage treatment plants. Learn the pros and cons of different types of wastewater systems to decide the right one for your property.

If you are considering to use a wastewater treatment on your property, there are different options available depending on your household and their needs. From septic tanks to home sewage treatment plants, wastewater treatment has come a long way in ensuring environmentally friendly and safe choices for both blackwater and greywater treatment. Contact our friendly team members on 1300 770 594 to discuss your requirements and we can help you find the best wastewater system for your home.

Factors to consider when choosing an HSTP

  • Type of property
  • Size of the household
  • Budget
  • Type of system

Septic System

A septic system consists of a septic tank and a network of absorption trenches or leach fields. They are available in gravity-fed or pump based systems.

Pros and Cons of Septic Systems


  • The septic tanks are available in a variety of materials like concrete, plastic and steel and can last for decades
  • Septic systems are cheaper to install and have low running costs
  • A well-maintained septic system can last for decades and only requires periodic maintenance to keep the system functional.
  • A septic system is environmentally friendly and treats the wastewater before releasing it to the environment. The treated water helps the local flora and fauna.


  • A septic tank needs to be pumped out every 3-5 years to remove harmful contaminants. The frequency will depend on the usage and size of the septic tank. It is the responsibility of the owner and may cost $200 - $400.
  • The installation of a septic system depends on many factors like soil permeability, correct distances from natural water tables, creeks or dams and depth of soil over an impermeable barrier. Consequently, it may not be suitable fo all sites.
  • Homeowners also need to be mindful of what they are putting into the drains. Excess use of chemicals, wet wipes, or flushing non-biodegradable items can clog the system and cause sewage water to back up in your home.
  • Lastly, a septic tank can get damaged by tree roots, heavy vehicles driving over it or ground movement.
Need a Home Sewage Treatment Plant? Let our wastewater experts help you.

Taylex Septic System


  • Being one of the oldest, and largest manufacturers of home sewage treatment plants in Australia, Taylex are experts in the field of domestic wastewater treatment
  • Taylex systems are built to last; with great industry knowledge comes an understanding of how to design reliable products
  • All Taylex systems come with a warranty. As a company with an excellent reputation, Taylex is determined to know of, and subsequently, fix any problems that may arise
  • Taylex is committed to research and bringing cutting-edge industry technologies to the market

Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems

An aerated wastewater treatment system, otherwise known as an AWTS, is used for the treatment of domestic wastewater through various treatment ‘chambers’ which are attached to an irrigation system. The treated wastewater can then be used to water your garden or other areas of your property. The wastewater is treated by bacteria in the presence of oxygen. Oxygen increases bacterial activity and the bacteria break down the nutrients in the effluent. The water is disinfected to further reduce the pathogen levels and used for irrigation.

Pros and Cons of AWTS


  • The wastewater is treated to a higher standard so it can be reused for irrigation.
  • Reduces the overall water usage
  • Low installation cost
  • It can be installed anywhere irrespective of the soil conditions, water table or distance to a water body, and lot size


  • Need a reliable source of power to keep the system running at all times. Lack of power supply can kill the bacteria and affect the functioning of the system. It is unsuitable for properties prone to frequent power outages.
  • The system has moving, mechanical parts so it needs to be serviced frequently
  • It has higher operating and maintenance costs compared to a septic system.

Aqua Nova Sewage Treatment Plant


  • Aqua Nova system is available in concrete and polymer builds
  • The system is approved by the Australian Standards (AS/NZS 1546-3)
  • Comes with a 15-year tank warranty and a 2-year electrical component warranty
  • The Aqua Nova systems are reliable, safe and eco-friendly
  • Can save an average of 1200 litres of water per day making it highly economical and efficient

At Express Wastewater Solutions, we are your qualified specialists when it comes to the installation of home sewage treatment plants. We have years of practical experience and know everything there is to know about wastewater treatment systems, allowing us to offer unique insight into a niche area. We can help you choose the right system

Sand Filter System

A sand filter system cleans wastewater passively using the bacteria present in the sand. Depending on the type of the system, the effluent will filter through the sand and get absorbed into the ground or filter through the sand and get collected into a tank for irrigation.


  • Sand filter systems do not have any moving parts and require less maintenance than other systems which means ongoing savings and reduced running costs
  • Ideal for areas with unsuitable soil conditions and rocky areas


  • The installation cost is higher than other types of systems
  • These systems use small to medium-sized pipes to transport water to the filtration tank. The effluents can get stuck in these pipes leading to clogs and eventually sewage backup and overflows
  • Homeowners also need to conserve water and keep the plumbing systems well-maintained. Otherwise, it can increase the load on the system causing overflows and system failure
What is the Best Wastewater Treatment Plant? Let our experts help you.

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